Thuluth Script Course

When: 27 March - 4 May, 2017
Where: Al Eslah School Museum
Organizer: Sharjah Museum Department

Sharjah Calligraphy Museum presents a practical course on Thuluth and Naskh scripts. It includes an interpretative study of the alphabets and their links, as well as a historical interpretation on all that is relevant to the two scripts since their respective invention until present day.

The objective of this course is to develop the participants' skills in lettering and to help them hone their techniques in Arabic Calligraphy. We also hope to accomplish solving the common issue of poor handwriting, by providing simple approaches to enhancing it in a short period of time, in addition to introducing the participants to the most prominent schools of calligraphy and their masters.

Organizing these courses is important because it contributes to a bigger cause of protecting the Arabic Language, as a beautifully written text attracts more readers who would want to imitate its style. Among the reasons behind the issue of poor handwriting is the extensive use of the computer and making it a replacement for traditional books.

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